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#15 on Lakeshore. This great new listing is on the main highway. This lot has city water, septic, steel seawall, camper cover, cement pad and one of the best views of the whole lake. It is on the widest part of the lake and is a great place to enjoy the summer or build a cabin later on if you want more space to enjoy. Priced at $59,900.00

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Lot #3

#3 Great view of the main lake on the blacktop road 111. Nice flat lot, seawall, city water, septic, cement pad for 1 or more campers, newer storage shed, One of the best locations on the blacktop road with a view of the whole lake. Priced at only $59,500.00#4 Newly listed on the blacktop road 111. 2 large lots, seawall, dock, camper shelter, garage, bath house, shade and a great place to enjoy the whole lake. Main area and has great views. Priced at $92,500.00MLS# 2115995#6 Empty lots on Fields shady rest. Large 4 shady lots with electrical, city water, and septic tank. Great place for families, friends and plenty of room to play, fish, and camp. Next to the lake dam so great fishing. Priced at only $24,000.00#7 New listing, large 75 ft. empty lot with great view of the park and main part of the lake. Cement for 1 or more campers, septic tank, city water, electrical, and just a great place to enjoy the lake. Priced at only $39,950.MLS# 117940

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